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RetroSpective Magazine: yesterday, today. Featuring articles, reviews, community and lifestyle relating to retro/vintage living.
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    Goodson Flexible Gramophone RecordsGoodson Records was a short lived record label which produced a flexible type of records in England between December 1929 and February 1931. One of the characteristic features of these white flexible records was that it had no separate (paper) label around the spindle hole like regular records, but its complete surface could be used for printed messages.

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    Automate Your LifeWhilst a fan of the fifties and sixties and quite clearly my appearance is that of a man stuck in a time warp I have always been a man who takes advantage of his current times. From attitudes to technology, and it is technology that I would like to talk about today.

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  • 01/16/11--19:32: The Green Hornet (1940)
  • The Green Hornet (1940)Have you survived the hype of the 2011 remake of The Green Hornet? Take a trip back to the era of movie serials with the original episodes from 1940 starring Gordon Jones as 'the Green Hornet' and Keye Luke as 'Kato'. Download all 13 episodes here.

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    What Retrophiles KnowRecently, while transferring my items from one purse to another, as I do almost daily, it suddenly struck me that I carry a lot of things that my non-Retrophile contemporaries do not. Wondering what else I may be missing, I quickly went to my trusty Retro-resources and found that we do indeed carry a number of things in common.

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    Will "The Thril" Viharo's CHUMPY WALNUTRetrospective Magazine contributor Will “the Thrill” Viharo’s very first novel was called Chumpy Walnut, the story of a guy only a foot tall—lost, alone and looking for love and friendship in a wacky, wondrous world of hobos, gangsters, gamblers, gun molls, showgirls, and other colorful characters. It is a story anyone who has ever felt “small” can relate to. Recently, Will self-published this novel, along with several others, including his original Thurber-esque illustrations for the book. Featured here is an exclusive excerpt concerning the two hoboes, Goosey Maloy and Jinx Hoolihan, who discover Chumpy wandering alone in the woods and bring him to the city of Excelsior, “the Big Banana,” to be exploited on the nightclub circuit. First, though, they plan to “auction him off” to the highest bidder, with the help of Booker McBribe, a suspicious agent with his own agenda…

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    Tura SatanaAn icon of indie cinema (as well as a personal friend) made the ultimate transition to Cult Movie Heaven this past Friday, February 4, 2011: Tura Satana, immortalized as Varla, the voluptuous, ferocious, bone-crunching, cleavage-conscious femme fatale of Russ Meyer’s fast 'n' furious fist-fest Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill! (1965), passed away in her adopted hometown of Reno, Nevada...

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    Vic ValentineIn 1995 the now-defunct Wild Card Press of San Francisco published Retrospective Online contributor Will (later known as “The Thrill”) Viharo’s detective novel, Love Stories Are Too Violent For Me. A couple of years later the publishers opened the popular Parkway Theater in Oakland, and asked Will to host a weekly cult movie night, which eventually became renowned as “Thrillville.” But Will’s true dream was to be a novelist. In 2001, Christian Slater magically came upon a copy of Love Stories and has optioned it for a film annually since then. After the Parkway and its sister theater the Cerrito Speakeasy folded in 2009, Will took Thrillville on the road, but tired of it, and returned to his first love, publishing much of his vast backlog of books (including his very first, Chumpy Walnut, excerpted on our site here). Now, 16 years after the first novel in the Vic Valentine series debuted, Will has finally published two of the long-awaited sequels, Fate Is My Pimp and Romance Takes A Rain Check, as a “double feature,” with yet another “double feature,” I Lost My Heart In Hollywood and Diary Of A Dick, waiting in the wings.

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  • 06/28/11--09:19: Captain America 1944
  • Captain America: The Movie2011 is turning out to be the year of the Superhero revival. In January of this year we had the Green Hornet starring Seth Rogan. In May, Thor starring Chris Hemsworth thundered on to the screen. The X-Men returned to save us all in June and the Green Lantern lit the way for Captain America's come back in July. Before you pay your $15 bucks to see the new Captain America movie, sit back and watch the original 1944 serial starring Dick Purcell as Los Angeles District Attorney Grant Gardner who changes into the rock-'em-sock-'em Captain America when fighting crime.

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    Dating a Crazy WomanYou're dating your dream girl, and almost everything about her is amazing. You've had a blissful first 30 days. Yes, there have been moments when you scratched your head and thought, “Hmm, her reactions are a little bit off.” But you ignored them because, well, she’s gorgeous, fun and the sex is fantastic. Just when you think you may have found someone great to hang with, Dream Girl becomes Crazed Lunatic Woman. Has she gone crazy? Let me walk you through the scenario.

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  • 07/03/12--16:48: The Golden Age of Burlesque
  • The Golden Age of Burlesque Although burlesque has Victorian roots its great heyday was around the 1920s and 30s through to the 40s, when prohibition started to bite. In 1930 there were several hundred specialist burlesque houses in the US alone and many more around the world. There's no doubt that the genre had strong links with the German cabaret scene, which was peaking around the same time, and a strong influence on the development of modern musical theatre, but burlesque was and is unique.